Cantaloupe & carrot smoothie. 🍹

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A very late breakfast. #vsco #vscocam #toast #breakfast #foodporn #yum #iCook #iEat

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and you are the reason i’m smiling when there is nothing to smile about

so i made this thing cause i love this song and embroidering

(Peach - The Front Bottoms)

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Yosemite by mr_student on Flickr.

mostly nature

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Ancient Roman gold bracelet in the form of a coiled snake

1st century AD, Pompeii (The British Museum)

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"What you feel isn’t random! The inspiration that has come is no mistake. These are messages from Spirit. Why are you so doubtful? Why are you so afraid? Embrace your messages; trust them; be thankful for them. Be courageous. Allow the ancestors to take you to a much better place."

- James Weeks/Across The Kings’ River (via ajna-aakhu)

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By @art_mariopena 👻🌸

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Yin And Yang